Winter in Canada means shorter days, frigid temperatures and lower light levels. That’s why at Valley Window and Door we ensure that the windows we install provide energy efficiency, natural light and all round comfort and security for you and your home.

We also advise on how best to protect your investment by keeping your windows looking good — especially in winter.

Check Your Windows

Check your window glass, frames and hardware in every season especially in early fall before the cold weather sets in.

First, look for gaps between the window, frame and wall. Pick a windy day when drafts are prone and gently move a lit candle along the frame and glass surfaces. A flickering flame indicates an air leak. Small gaps can be covered with caulking; weatherstripping can be applied to seal larger gaps. If the window glass is cracked, you’ll want to have it replaced.

Ask Valley Window and Door for advice as to whether your window glass or frames need repair or replacement. We offer free consults at your convenience.

Clean Your Window

Clean windows and frames work better at keeping out the cold. Protect your windows by vacuuming and washing dirt and debris from vinyl, wood or aluminum frames, screens and seals.

Keep your window glass clean. Choose an overcast day for this chore to help prevent streaks. Wash down the window glass using a strip applicator dipped in warm, slightly soapy water then remove suds with a window squeegee. Wipe the squeegee with a lint-free cloth or coffee filter after each run. Avoid using cotton cloths and paper towels as they are not lint free. Instead they lay a static charge on the glass that attracts dirt and debris.

Protect Your Windows

Be very careful of moisture build up on your windows during winter months, as it’s an indication of drastically different temperatures and humidity levels between the inside versus outside.

Too much moisture on the inside can stain your window seal and frames, and rot wood frames.

To prevent condensation, position air vents and oscillating fans to keep air moving over the window glass and frames. Keep the indoor humidity between 30% and 40%. Add insulation to exterior walls and ensure your window frames are foam insulated.

Some DIY sites suggest hanging heavy drapes on your windows in cooler months, but be careful as this can trap moisture on your window glass and frames.

If chronic condensation is an ongoing issue, it could mean that your double- or triple-glazed windows have lost their seal and are no longer providing the insulating value they once did.

If your windows are showing their wear, the best way to protect your home from winter weather and ensuring indoor comfort is to visit the Valley Window and Door showroom. We offer free consults at your convenience.