Leave it to a Canadian manufacturer to figure out how to make the most energy efficient windows.

At Valley Window and Door we’re proud of our longstanding partnership with Vinyl Window Designs. Not only do we share the same monogram — VWD — we also share the same philosophy when it comes to offering the best value for money to homeowners looking for energy efficient windows.

Lowering Energy Costs

As a registered ENERGY STAR window dealer, we work with VWD because they manufacture products precisely to Natural Resources Canada standards.

It’s a fact: heat energy tends to move from warm to cold areas. And while there’s no way to get around this fundamental principle, we can slow down the heat transfer process. Installing our quality windows in your home can translate into savings on your utility bills for years to come.

Reducing Heat Transfer

The inefficient transfer of heat energy in a standard window occurs via its glass, frames and sashes. VWD makes quality windows with superior Low-E coatings to offer higher insulating values than industry standards. It also incorporates the latest advances in materials and designs, such as optional foam insulation, to dramatically reduce heat loss.

illustration of vwd triple glazed window


Air movement in the spaces between a window’s panes can also result in poor energy efficiency. VWD optimizes the size of these spaces and fills them with gases (argon and krypton) to help reduce conduction and convection heat loss. Your new triple glazed sealed unit can achieve R8+ COG!

chart comparing energy efficiency of vwd windows

Sealing Against Air Leaks

Air leakage is a significant contributor to energy costs in both the heating and cooling seasons. Most of this leakage occurs on operable windows between the sashes and frames, or around poorly installed windows with gaps in the rough openings.

Larger windows tend to leak less air per unit area, while well-constructed fixed windows provide the lowest leakage. VWD offers a full range of custom windows that can greatly improve the energy efficiency in any home.

Wondering how you can block 99.9% of the suns harmful UV rays and benefit from reduced residential energy costs? It’s all in the glass!