If you’re a typical Ottawa Valley homeowner, you most likely use your deck year round to access home entryways, enjoy the view and feed the birds.

But if your deck isn’t protected by a roof, it’s especially vulnerable to exposure to rain, snow and ice especially during the winter months — particularly if it’s built of wood.

At Valley Window and Door we design and build custom decks, verandas and patios featuring PVC decking boards and Duradek vinyl sheeting — ­the ultimate in maintenance-free outdoor flooring.

Taking proper care of your vinyl deck during the winter months will protect your investment and keep your home looking good.

Winterizing Your Deck: 1-2-3

  1. Pack away all seasonal furniture and planters to avoid accumulation of debris and dirt around the base of these fixtures, which means less staining and scrubbing come springtime.
  1. Clear away all organic material especially leaves and twigs that might stain and mark your vinyl decking.
  1. Wash your deck with a mild cleanser. Use vinyl deck cleaner or diluted Cascade powdered dish detergent for a gentle clean. Scrub surface with soft bristled brush or broom, then thoroughly rinse off all soap residue.

photo of plastic shovel leaning against railing on duradek

Keep Your Vinyl Deck Clean and Clear

Clear the snow off your vinyl decking using a plastic edge snow shovel. Avoid using metal edged shovels or ice chippers on your vinyl deck as they may puncture the membrane or gouge the decking boards.

To prevent slips and keep winter ice and snow from building up on your vinyl deck, it’s safe to use rock salt, kitty litter and de-icing agents.

When spring arrives, be sure to rinse off all remaining dirt, debris, chemicals and residue so that the sun does not bake it into the vinyl surface.

Summer or winter, Valley Window and Door build decks from cellular PVC decking boards and installs Duradek walking membrane sundecks all year round. Drop into our Pembroke showroom to learn more about how we can enhance you outdoor living space all year round!