If you’re planning a home renovation project, remember that at Valley Window and Door our crews are on-site year-round. That means there’s no need to wait for timely completion of your window, sunroom or door installation — whatever the season.

We also offer wintertime installations of decks and railings so you’ll be all set when the time comes to sit back and enjoy the warmer weather. And if your home needs an exterior makeover, our crews can enhance its curb appeal and energy efficiency by installing vinyl siding, soffit, fascia and eavestrough even when there’s snow on the ground.

If you need foundation or piling work done in the winter months, Valley Window and Door can accommodate that too. Thanks to a specially formulated insulation system, we can install Postech Thermal Screw Piles year-round, protecting your foundation from cold air, frost and ice.

Your Home Renovation Experts | 365

Keeping our crews busy year-round is a priority at Valley Window and Door, but more importantly we work hard to ensure our clients get the installations and renovations they need when they want them.

That’s why we’re trained and equipped to install windows, sunrooms, decks, siding and Postech piles on new builds and renovation projects in every season including winter.


Red Carpet Treatment

Our winter crews are on the job working outside to minus 25 degrees Celsius. But don’t worry, winter projects don’t mean that we’re going to make a mess of your floors or let in the cold.

Before we start we roll out the red carpet! That’s right, we cover our work path with a durable carpet to help protect your floors from any snow or slush that may get tracked in on our boots.

Outside, we fully unwrap and prep your window or door and move it into position. Inside, we remove all the old trim and unfasten the existing window or door from the frame of your home. Then we very quickly and efficiently hoist the new window or door into the empty space, fasten it and begin the trim work. If all goes well, the replacement should take no more than 15 minutes.

Ready access to the work site is vital to keep on schedule so we install chains on our winter truck tires to help us navigate rural terrain. We also count on our clients to clear driveways and parking areas.


When To Book

For larger projects such as new builds or major renovations, plan for two to four months lead time so we can order materials and assign crews. If you want your project completed by spring, consult with our sales team before the end of September.

Larger projects to be completed by Christmas should be booked in June. With smaller projects we can be more flexible, slotting basic installations and renovations into gaps in our schedule.

So, if the winter weather is making you think about a home renovation or new build, contact Valley Window and Door. We can help turn your dreams into reality — no matter the season.