One of the most popular lifestyle trends today is the increased use of outdoor spaces for everyday living and family entertaining. By installing a multi-season sunroom, you can expand your near-nature living area while optimizing the sun’s light and heat but avoiding pesky pests and inclement weather.

The following steps are your complete guide to purchasing, designing and installing a new Valley Window and Door sunroom at your home or cottage.

1. Choosing the Ideal Location and Size

Our sunrooms can be installed directly onto an existing patio or deck, and even under a previously constructed roof.

Take a walk around your home and yard. Watch where the sun rises and sets; a southern exposure will be warmer through the seasons than a northern one. Is there a spot that’s more breezy than others? What’s the ideal location for capturing the perfect view?

Remember, you’ll need to avoid building over an any existing septic tank or weeping bed, so be sure to mark their parameters.

Now think about how big you want to build. Measure your living room — you most likely don’t need a space that large in a sunroom. We recommend you pace out a 16’ x 12’ area on your back lawn, patio or deck, and place some patio furniture within it. Will this be a comfortable size, or would you like to down- or up-size?

2. Visit the Valley Window and Door Showroom

The next step is to take a tour of our showroom at 873 Pembroke Street East, Pembroke. We have three model sunrooms on display — come in and try them on for size. Take a look at the various styles, colours, materials and construction. Walk in and around, then sit a bit to get the feel of a typical sunroom space.

We invite you to drop in any time during business hours, or call ahead if you wish to set up an appointment with a specific sales associate.

3. Consider Municipal Setback Requirements

Check with your local building inspector to confirm the details and rules around municipal setbacks.

If your location of choice encroaches on this space, Valley Window and Door can apply for a minor variance on your behalf, but be aware that this will delay the installation process.

Installing your new sunroom onto an existing patio or deck, or under an existing roof, usually avoids any issue with municipal setbacks as these structures should have been approved by local officials when they were constructed.

4. Choosing a Sunroom Package

Like planning a new kitchen or bathroom renovation, when it comes to defining a budget for your new sunroom, it all comes down to the scope of project.

At Valley Window and Door, we install modular sunroom packages across a full range of price points:

  • Basic: smaller size, minimal customization, basic features, 3-season
  • Mid-Range: standard sizes, features and customization; 3 to 4-season
  • Luxury: larger size, fully customized features; 4-season

Watch this video to view a recent example of a typical mid-range sunroom installation — the most popular package among our Valley Window and Door clientele.

With a variety of screen, window, frame and wall options to choose from, we can match your new sunroom to the exterior finish of your home or cottage — not only to enhance its architectural aesthetic, but to increase your property value.

5. Complimentary Onsite Consultation

Once we’ve walked you through the above process, we’ll come out for a complimentary onsite walk-about and consultation.

Our experienced sales staff will confirm that your choices align with current construction and building code specifications. Are there any existing impediments such as an air conditioner, doors, windows or septic system? Is the choice of size a good fit for your home and property?

We’ll also advise you on the best approach to architecturally attaching and integrating your new sunroom onto a current structure, so as to enhance the design and curb appeal of your property.

6. Confirming the Details

Once the above process is complete, we’ll produce a detailed estimate for your consideration. Then you’ll have the opportunity to tweak any details and finalize your options.

With your approval, we’ll proceed with ordering and installation — and you can look forward to spending more of your time in a new sunroom from Valley Window and Door.

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